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One of the most touching stories to "come out of the shadows" as Primo Levi wrote when he compared Anne Frank's story to the many others who struggled through WWII.  It took seventy years for Andree to open the vault and tell what happened when Nazi troops invaded her peaceful Belgian village.  A heart rending account you'll read over and over. "I cried," said Cynde Lapierre who helped Mom during her healing in Maine.
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Sebago Public Library will host an event on Nov 11th, 2017.  I will be presenting the WWII book at 2:00pm Saturday.  Veteran's Day.  Bring your students and family to experience first hand, a most touching story. 

"Just wanted to let you know I finished the book last night- and loved it. It was so heartfelt and intense and beautiful as well as inspiring and humbling. I felt as though I wasn't reading it but instead you were telling me your mom's story in person. I loved how you combined the historical events of the war into the time line of her personal experience and also how you expanded into each of your siblings and yourself- products of the strong, noble and talented woman your mother is and the creative and enthusiastic man your father was."
(Jessica Glendenning)
Bridgton, Me.
This book is a loving tribute from a son looking to understand his mother's insistent statement, "They ruined my life." But with one life ruined, Andree created another life for herself and her family. She created a life filled with the richest of blessings. And that is Andree's revenge against the tyranny she suffered through. A naive young girl grew in to a strong, determined survivor whose heartfelt cry of "God Bless America" offers us all a moment to reflect on the goodness of life that surrounds us.
(Caroline Grimm author: Stop The Cash Flow Roller Coaster, I want to get off!)
"A delightful read."  "If a screenwriter ever got a hold of this...."
Lamar York
Ashville NC 
The pocketbook
Walter Bannon, author
"The White Pocketbook is a night spent at the Bannon's listening to stories told at the dinner table--so comfortable and relatable is Bannon's writing style. He's a great storyteller, and this is what sets this book apart from so many others in its class. Bannon invites the reader into his family's hearts--sharing the experiences, regrets and triumphs that shaped his mother Andree and consequently, him. Bannon's admiration for Andree fuels his writing and wins the reader's respect. A story that will speak to everyone at any stage in life--it's about love, loss, and, most of all, hope. You'll feel a part of the Bannon family by the end."
Melody Mahder
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What a blessing! Not only do we now feel like we know your amazing mother, we now have a far greater insight into who YOU are! Because I already know you, I’m not very objective about the book, but I thoroughly loved reading every bit of it. There was no sense of any filler material or “fluff” added to just make it longer – every page mattered to the telling of the tale.
Alan & Kim Bean
​Baked Bean Studios
Harrison, Maine
Read The article in Maine Sunday Telegram by pasting this site in your browser.
I am honored to have my book on the shelves of the National Holocaust Museum in DC.
"This Book should be in every high school classroom"
(Gretchen Weirdsma-Hartford, CT.)
“Walt spoke to a captivated audience at the Portland Public Library. His presentation is thoughtful and touching and the story of his mother’s experience of World War II gives people real perspective on the many victims of World War II.”
(Rachael Wayand PPL)

"Perfect for the Stage"
Bruce Hake,  Berlin, N.Y. 
Mr. Bannon, "Did you know that my favorite war book is, The White Pocketbook?"    Third Grade Student at Songo Locks School, Naples, Me.
"The glimpse of what it was like living in Bouillon, paired with your parallel experiences (e.g., the German tank) and other personal asides made this book an enjoyable and informative read. Your mother's story is a fascinating one, and I am very appreciative to have read it. (Who knows, a screenplay could well be in its future!) There aren't enough voices from the past, recorded or written down, and it is truly a gift and a blessing for each one that is. Your mother opening up to you about her experiences was very brave. Sometimes survivors never speak, or get the chance to."
Katie Hall
Amazon books now has the new edition
Maine Holocaust & Human Rights Center hosted "Rescuers of World War Two.".  I was Honored to be a part of this important event in Augusta. This is well worth a visit by  your class or group.